The Treaty Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

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In 1791, there was a ratification of The Bill of Rights, which contains the first ten amendments to the Constitution. These amendments are applied regarding the rights of people to have freedom of thought, spiritual issues and all of these issues’ expressions (Amendment I); as well as the rights of owning properties and maintain people’s safety (Amendment II, III, IV). In addition, the Bill of Rights protects people from unreasonable accusing and from the government’s tyranny and/or arbitrary (Amendment IV, V, VI, VII, VIII). A part of the Bill of Rights is the guideline to interpret the Constitution (Amendment IX), and insists the rights reserved to states or people (Amendment X). The first Amendment mentions about there will be no law respecting an establishment of religion. It means people have the right to choose their own religions and practice them. In the other hand, the Amendment prevents the government to force people to have a given religion; therefore, no national religion is established, as well as maintains the balance of power from many religions running the nation. The government doesn’t involve in any religious activities, nor supports financial issues, nor sponsors for any religion. This Amendment also states the right of people to have the freedom expressing their thought and ideas through speech and press. Due to this statement, the government doesn’t put any restriction in publishing nor books and other papers. People have the right to gather, to create…

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