Essay about The Treatment Of Substance Abuse Disorders

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Dr. Michael Bradley, an Author and Psychologist specializing in the treatment of substance abuse disorders explains what makes alcohol and drugs so appealing to teenagers,
The first truly frightening fact you need to confront is that drug use often does make major sense in the context of the adolescent world. Drugs can serve so many purposes so well. They change painful emotional realities, make uncool kids cool, provide friends, enable identity development, help rebel against authority, spotlight adult hypocrisy, and do many other wonderful things for your kid, at least in the short term. In the long term, they can kill her.

Fortunately, not every teenager tries drugs and alcohol, but there are many that do. Both are fairly inexpensive and easy to come by. With alcohol, advertisements boast their product via every medium available and many teenagers witness adults, including parents, drinking alcohol regularly. Oftentimes, this creates a sense of approval for teenagers, whether implied implicitly or just perceived by the teenager. In general, there is less attention paid to teenage alcohol consumption compared to illicit drug use. Dr Nikki Babbit is an author and family therapist who counsels alcohol addicted teens. She says this, “The general culture puts less attention on alcohol as a problem than drugs, partly because it is legal and it is more socially acceptable. This is dangerous thinking because alcohol-related accidents and deaths are greater than any other…

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