The Treatment Of Renal Cancer Essays

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To begin, cancer is caused by uncontrolled division of abnormal cells. There a various types of cancer that can form in a person 's body. Renal, liver and digestive cancer would be discussed in this passage. Renal cancer also known as kidney cancer, occurs when the cancer cells form in the tubules of the kidney . Smoking, hypertension, and obesity are some of the high risk factors associated with renal cancers. Staging describes how the cancer has spread and according to America Cancer Society there are two types of renal cancer staging. There is the clinical stage, where the doctor best estimates the extent of the disease based on the results from the physical examinations, lab test and imaging. On the other hand the pathologic staging is based on some facts from the clinically staging and what is found during a surgery and the examination of the tissue that was removed. Also most staging system for renal cancer is that of the American Joint Committee (AJCC) known as TNM, meaning primary tumor, regional nodes and metastasizes (American Cancer Society, 2016).

In order for renal cancer to become metastatic, it must have spread from the kidney to the lymph nodes, bones and other organs. Renal cancer can grow in the tissues around the tumor, the cancer can also move into the lymphatic system which has vessels through out the body. Lastly, renal cancer cells can enter the bloodstream and can be carried and deposited into other organs. Prognosis of renal cancer…

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