The Treatment Of Female Prison System Essay example

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Within the prison system, many different nuances should be understood and should be correctly represented in mass media culture, specifically about the female prison system. Through reviewing critical readings of female prison systems in addition to carefully analyzing three consecutive episodes of Orange Is The New Black, looking at the ordeals of an inmate that couldn’t fit in, to finding herself being protected by a clique of neutral inmates, the necessity of food as it brings social communities together, as well as having the necessary tools and measures to allow inmates to seek help about recidivism are the key topics of focus for this course and television series.
Understanding segregation on the levels of status and ethnicity within the prison culture is important and crucial in order for any new inmate to survival socially and should be taken advantage of. Martel (2000) explains that administrative segregation is when an individual is wanted to be separated from others in order to protect the institution, the prisoners or the prison employees and to prevent problems with the inmate. It is also shown that if a prisoner is misbehaving severely, disciplinary segregation is put into play in order to straighten out compliance towards the rules and policies within the inmate. In S1E1, I Wasn’t Ready, of Orange Is The New Black, the prevalence of ethnic segregation is clearly displayed as soon as Piper is introduced to the correction facility. Murello, the inmate which…

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