The Transition Between Childhood And Full Adulthood Essay

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“Who am I? What I am doing with my life?” Many of us began asking these questions ourselves in the late stages of high school. The transition between childhood and full adulthood is a critical developmental period that must be completed to become ready to assume the major roles we play in society, typically after a period of “emerging adulthood”. (Larson, Wilson, Brown, Furstenberg, & Verma, 2002) (Arnett, 2000). It is in this stage named “Emerging adulthood” (usually from 18-25 years) we will attend to the issues that either create our identity and live out who we are or have no sense of any adult path (Belsky). Erikson created this into a psychosocial task known as “identity vs. role confusion”(Belsky). In Erikson’s time- the mid-20th century- young people had less choice in career path, marital status and political views, today the transition to adulthood is much more complicated, precarious and difficult (Cˆot´e & Allahar, 1994). Personal identity refers to one’s goals, values, and beliefs (Schwartz, 2001). Personal identity is often studied in content domains such as political preference (Schildkraut, 2005), occupational choice (Porfeli & Skorikov, 2010), moral standards (Hardy & Carlo, 2005), sexual and dating styles (Worthington, Navarro, Savoy, & Hampton, 2008), and family relationships (Scabini & Manzi, 2011). Research has indicated that individuals can be more invested in some of these content domains than in others (cf. Grotevant, 1987), suggesting that not all…

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