The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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Although separated by the second largest ocean in the world, the Americans, Europe, and Africa all display an infusion of all three cultures dating back to the beginning of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Out of the three societies, Africans felt the greatest impact of shift in culture. Not to be considered one distinct group, each new wave of a new African tribe, along with the American influence altered the preexisting cultures of Africans in the Americas creating a new creole identity within the New World. Brought by ships, Africans attempted to maintain their heritage, though ideas and beliefs remained a total recreation was impossible. With a continuous shift in majorities and minorities over time, the social practices of Africans and Americans blend together creating and African-American culture distinct to those Africans that become influenced in the New World. Unlike most parts of the world, the Americas witnessed a major influx in population due to the importation of African slaves. These slaves; however, shared minimal beliefs, languages, and social constructs, forcing them to integrate their cultures in order to endure the hardships of slavery. Brazil saw the greatest increase in African population during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, first with a large importation of Senegambian slaves during the 16th century, following by a dominating Angolan slave society in the 17th century, then in the 18th century slaves from the Mina Coast and Benin were a strong…

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