The Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus Essay

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In, “The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus”, by Christopher Marlowe it is obvious from the very beginning that the main character, Dr. Faustus, embodies two distinct personality characteristics: pride and greed. It is because of these two qualities that Dr. Faustus is ultimately destined for destruction. The knowledge that the doctor possessed far surpassed that of many men, however it was is desire for power and knowledge that was not humanly attainable, that made him sacrifice his soul to Lucifer and damn himself for eternity. The chorus describes Dr. Faustus to the reader before the play begins by acknowledging the fact the he is full of knowledge in many areas, especially theology by stating, “….In heavenly matters of theology/Till swoll’n with cunning of a self-conceit” (Marlowe 759). The knowledge that Faustus possesses, and the pride that comes along with it, has swollen him and left him hungry for more. He is not content with the knowledge that he has, but feels a strong desire to gain even more knowledge, leading him to become interested in necromancy, which results in the demise of his being.
The Chorus sets the tone for the entire play by foreshadowing Faustus’ fall when they mention the story of Icarus and his “waxen wings” which could easily have more than one symbolic meaning to the story of Faustus. First, it warns of the dangers of Faustus’ pride. It was, after all, Icarus’s pride that made him fly too close to the sun, which melted his wings and made him…

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