The Tragic Failure Of Westward Expansion In America Through The Mexican-American War

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The Tragic Failure of compromise to heal the already done sectionalism precipitated by Westward expansion is evident in three different stages. From the birth of the nation through the Missouri compromise of 1850, and from the Kansas-Nebraska Act through the election of Lincoln in 1860. Incidentally, the purchase of Louisiana was a strategic deal brokered by American and French diplomats in an endeavor to sell France 's unoccupied territory West of the Missouri River. This doubled the size of the United States, adding a staggering 828k additional square miles of land by 1803 for the sum of fifteen million dollars. The original intention was to simply to gain access to New Orleans, but instead gotten more than they bargain for.
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James Polk openly discussed a plea to purchase the lands, but Mexico rejected the offer, which resulted in the deployment of U.S troops in the region. Mexican soldiers later attacked the garrison which resulted in the death of a dozen American troops. Those same Mexican soldiers then laid siege to an American fort by the Rio Granda river. which led to the further mobilization of the U.S military into the war. The conflict lasted for a year, and led to the loss of half of Mexico 's Northern land claims to the United States. Additionally to the Western front of California was the cession of Mexico 's Northern territories which took place shortly after the Mexican-American war. Originally, Mexico did not accept this loss, however the persuasive approach of U.S troops into the capital of Mexico, quickly shifted opinions upon the …show more content…
He then argued that the climate was simply just unsuitable for plantation use, and would be in favor of the Northerners. Instead brought forth a skirmish of proslavery & antislavery militiamen coming from the North and side to battle one another for control of the lands. Incidentally arose the John Brown massacre of which five proslavery settlers were taken vengeance upon after antislavery settlers were raided days prior of this. This conflict was notorious as the first civil war in America, as known as Bleeding

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