Essay on The Tragic Failure Of Compromise

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The Tragic Failure of compromise to heal the already done sectionalism precipitated by Westward expansion is evident in three different stages. From the birth of the nation through the Missouri compromise of 1850, and from the Kansas-Nebraska Act through the election of Lincoln in 1860. Incidentally, the purchase of Louisiana was a strategic deal brokered by American and French diplomats in an endeavor to sell France 's unoccupied territory West of the Missouri River. This doubled the size of the United States, adding a staggering 828k additional square miles of land by 1803 for the sum of fifteen million dollars. The original intention was to simply to gain access to New Orleans, but instead gotten more than they bargain for.
To add upon the influx of land that the United states was acquiring at this time was the Convention of 1818 which the United States and Britain used to fixate the undefined boundaries between the Canadian colonies, and the U.S This granted the U.S more land for it 's states. The Adam-onis treaty was also a massive gain for the United states to further its borders. The Spanish at the time being saw Florida as a burden territory due it 's isolation from the rest of its Latin American colonies, they decided to gave it to the United States to tame the rising tensions of the two nations. Likewise as the Union grew, so did internal conflict between Slavery, and the abolishment movements of the North. With the addition of new states came the question of…

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