The Tragedy Of The World War I Essay

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No one ever expected it. No one knew, that, after already coming out of the World War just over two decades past, that the World War would have to be given the title “First” in front of its name because a second World War was about to happen, a worst war, filled with violence, atrocities, the only use of nuclear weapons and finally, the worst of them all, was the Holocaust. I was just a boy of 11 at the time. All I wanted was to eat and run around and make fun of my teachers with my friends, and for my family to be safe. Alas, it was not to be. On November 9, 1938, my mother was cooking dinner, my father was reading a book to my little brother, and I was studying for a test I had, because I didn’t wish to give the old lady who taught all of us to have the satisfaction of punishing me for failing. As I was reviewing the water cycle, I heard glass shattering, and I ran to the living room, where my father was, to see what has happened. My father was up as well, eyes wide, looking at the window. I followed suit and saw the shop of the cobbler, a nice old man by the name of Mr.Asimov, surrounded by a mob. I heard racial slurs and insults that were so horrible that my father covered my brother’s ears, for he was only 8 at the time. They called us thieves and said that we took money away from the government and the true Aryan people, that we hogged it for ourselves. They broke through the store and went in. As they exited, I saw they were carrying shoes: brown loafers, black…

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