The Tragedy Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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At the moment, he didn’t like what he saw. He had to do better, to force himself to forgive, unless he wanted to lose everything he held dear.
“Let me move onto Ulrich, shall we?” said Guinevere. “Ulrich, can you control your feelings for Joan?”
Ulrich fidgeted in his seat before saying, “No, Your Highness, I’m afraid I cannot.”
Perhaps this forgiveness will not happen, thought Perceval, finding himself agitated once again. He ground his teeth and waited for the queen to respond.
“I understand you cannot control your feelings, but you can control your behavior,” stated Guinevere. “Arthur cannot allow your behavior to cause discord among the knights.” She paused for a long moment. “From the moment my husband introduced you to me, Ulrich, I recognized you were a kind and reasonable man, much like Perceval.”
Perceval wanted to object to the comparison, but he kept his mouth shut, as difficult as that was. To go on a verbal rampage right now would not help in the least.
“From this point forward,” said Guinevere to Ulrich, “I hope you will agree not to touch Joan inappropriately or peruse her romantically. Can you agree to this?”
“Yes, my lady,” replied Ulrich.
The queen met Perceval’s eye. “And is this agreeable to you?”
What choice did Perceval have in the matter? “If he remains true to his word, I am agreeable. However, I strongly believe Ulrich should receive punishment for his behavior. I have done wrong and will accept penalty, as he should receive his.”
“You are one…

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