The Tragedy Of The Doctor Essay

1184 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
We as a family do not remember much of the first days and ironically these were the most significant of days. The doctor did say that none of us would, but no one believed him, none the less we felt inclined to keep a diary of what happened, to keep track of all the minor and insignificant things that happened during these three weeks. A diary which we filled with cards, quotes of what people said when on the phone and little mementoes such as his tracheostomy tube. It’s now an account of how we felt and our families experience throughout the three weeks my uncle was in his coma. We use it to reflect on our emotions and how far we have come from that bleakest of days. It shows our frustration at being powerless to help, not even being able to touch him in case of infection, and exposes how we argued and disputed over insignificant, for instance me not passing the phone over when someone we knew was on. But what difference would it really make, they didn’t have a miracle cure, and wouldn’t have made any difference to his recovery at the time, and would be of no comfort if he didn’t. The first entry the opening day of the London Olympics, while families across the country came together to celebrate, we came together to say goodbye for what we thought was most likely to be the last time. We each held his hand while they gave the injection he said goodbye to each of us, as he slowly slipped away it would be one of the deepest of sleeps. He wasn’t dead, but he felt just as far…

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