The Tragedy Of Life Is Not Death But What We Let Die Inside Of Us While We Live

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“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live” is the view Norman Cousins voiced in his autobiography Anatomy of an Illness. Norman Cousins lived in a medical era when physicians rarely consulted with their patients employing medical practices that they believed best. However, Cousins revolutionized the physician-patient relationship when he forged an unusual relationship with his physician. Together they worked to restore Cousins’ health. A team works as a unit to achieve the same goal. A team cannot be weighed down with negativity, so it must retain its morale. A team’s common goal binds its members and motives individuals to help each other. The outlook and collaboration Norman Cousins discloses in his autobiography contrasts starkly to the common view many Europeans held during the settlement of the Americas. Incensed with greed and superiority, Europeans bulldozed their way through the Americas, shedding the blood of Native Americans and overriding the land with “civilization”. They broke numerous amounts of treaties and tried to civilize the natives due to a prevailing feeling of entitlement. Because Europeans deceived the faith of Native Americans by forcing their superior culture through religion and criticized the indigenous’ spirituality and simplicity, they initiated Native American concerns regarding their livelihood.
Native Americans expressed their apprehension to the possible loss of their religion after Europeans dispatched…

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