Essay about The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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In Shakespeare’s most famous play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark, the protagonist Hamlet is portrayed as a depressed and bitter pessimist, whom holds great anger towards his uncle and disgust towards his mother after the death of his father. In light of its great popularity, the story has also been widely debated in terms of Hamlet himself, as actors and scholars alike seek to determine whether his insanity was merely a purposeful display or truly legitimate. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term insanity may be defined as either “the state of being seriously mentally ill” or of “extreme foolishness or irrationality” (The Oxford Dictionary, 2014). As an individual who is overtaken by questions surrounding his father’s untimely death, his obsession could be discerned to be of a man who is first fuelled by great irrationality or a mere act, but who eventually becomes legitimately insane due to his rash and impulsive nature. Recognizing Hamlet’s own mental stability surrounding his country, family and love life allows individuals to gather perspective on the depths of their own minds and actions. Throughout the beginning of the play, it seems that Hamlet is simply acting as he swiftly and easily takes on the role of a madman. Purposefully conducting himself in the most erratic fashions to upset the other characters around him, through his agrarian dialogue and piercing ambiguities. Such begins with the introduction of the story, in which the Ghost first…

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