The Tragedy Of Dante 's Inferno Essay

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Nowadays, when people hear comedy they think about funny jokes and laughter. However, Dante Alighieri’s Inferno is no such thing. In fact, it is almost the exact opposite. Instead of jokes, there is death. Instead of laughter, there is torture. However, Inferno is part of the Divine Comedy, which ironically, is not comic at all. In the Inferno, the great poet, Virgil, guides Dante through the nine Circles of Hell. He chooses Virgil to guide him because he looks up to Virgil with great respect. Virgil starts by telling him that they must go through the pits of Hell in order to reach heaven. This becomes the main journey in the story. As they walk through Hell, Dante see people that he recognizes from Florence before his was exiled. The exile caused him a lot of grief, which lead in to the writing of Inferno. Dante used impressive allegory throughout his journey. Each circle was incredibly detailed; this detail showed people the dangers of Hell. By scaring people with the possibilities of Hell, you are teaching them to have moral behaviors. Carol Forman believed that teaching moral behaviors was the reason Dante wrote Inferno. “Dante has a monumental task- to show that the will to find God and the way to find God, are open to everyone.” (Forman). There are three reasons why Hell, as shown in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, is used as a propaedeutic for moral behavior.
Dante scares a person away from being violent because Inferno is very gruesome to violent souls.…

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