The Trafficking Of The United States Essay

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The mafia is no longer the only group of criminals that organize themselves to increase their criminal activities’ success rate. Perhaps some of the most popular organized crime leaders that the United States has been occupied for due to potential threats to the peace of this country are the notorious latin american leaders from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, etc. Although, there has also been a lot of criminal activity that is well organized in Europe that has not been heard of as much. The so called “cartels” become involved in criminal activities such as money laundering, illegal drug trafficking, as well as the trafficking of people. As well as buying their freedom from corruption federal officials and in some occasions forcing federal officials to work for them. Although, cartels are the most recognized organization to be considered as an organized crime group, European unions have also been recognized to form “mafias”, these countries include Italy, Ukraine, Germany, etc. This threat against the peace of mind in communities around the globe should be taken care of immediately as it has the capability of transforming into terrorism.
In our neighboring country of Mexico, Joaquin Loera“El Chapo” Guzman is the most beloved character of all, as everyone looks up to him respectfully due to what they believe are generous acts of kindness to the people. El Chapo donates large amounts of money to charity and often finds himself adopting orphan or unprivileged children as his…

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