The Tourism Industry And Its Impact On The Global Environment

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The tourism industry should be concerned not only about profitability, but also about its impact on the global environment. One example is TUIfly, a German airline corporation, that sets new environmental standards. In 1998, when the oil price was still below 20 dollars per barrel, TUIfly has already started to replace the old generation aircraft of type Boing 737 Classic with the new Boeing 737-800. At that time, TUIfly was a pioneer in investing in sustainable efficiency. Protecting the environment plays a leading role in the company’s philosophy. Since 2001, TUIfly has a fuel-efficiency program that generates a continuous reduction of CO2 emissions (TUI Group, 2016).
Tourists, local hosts, land and heritage managers, governments and tourism corporations have all different perspectives when it comes to tourism issues. If all groups want to benefit in the future, the different views have to grow to a common goal (Australian Government, 2004, p. 2). In recent years, global environmental policies have made enormous progress in reducing environmental pollution and minimizing the intensity of resource use. The trend in the tourism sector slowly goes towards sustainable development and public and private sectors at the national and international levels have recognized that. The private sector usually consists of organizations that are not owned by the government. Some examples of private bodies are profit and non-profit corporations, like hotel chains, airline companies,…

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