We Have A Totalitarian Government In George Orwell's 1984

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Throughout history there have been many type of governments and types of rule over society. Around the time period of the 20th century a great deal of society was living under the rule of oppressive, harsh governments. The main goal of these governments was to get citizens to love the government unconditionally to make them willing to do anything for it. They began to call these types of government totalitarian. Under this overpowering rule they impose fear and brainwash society. When you have a totalitarian government there is great deal of psychological manipulation and mind control occurring. In 1984 I believe this is a huge theme that persists throughout the novel. Reading this novel I learned ways that the totalitarian government invokes fear, psychological control, and psychological manipulation, I will discuss my perspectives on how the government executed this.
Around the 1980’s totalitarian government was taking over. In 1984 the main character Winston was one of the many people living under the rule of this strict government. Winston works in the Ministry of truth. In the ministry of truth people work to change the history of the past and make it what the government thinks and wants people to think is correct. Winston is one of those characters who wants to rebel against the government but
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In 1984, George Orwell did a great job displaying a totalitarian type of government. His book had so much impact on society that many of the words we here today describing governments derive from him such as, Big Brother and Orwellian society. Governments such as this one is Orwell’s book use to large techniques, psychological manipulation, and physical control, to take power over its people and their minds. I believe these are the greatest themes of his novel. Psychological manipulation shows how your mind is in ultimate control of your

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