The Tone Of The Poem ' One Of Aggression And Rebellion ' Essay

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The tone of the poem is one of aggression and rebellion. McKay used plosive syllables throughout his poem to convey the sounds of violence. These plosive syllables are found in the consonants, p, s, t, and f. The speaker of the poem is tired of being cut off: “your door is shut against my tightened face” (McKay, 1). The “your” that the speaker is referring to is White America. The speaker feels like White America is shutting out Black America. The speaker is not afraid to express their unhappiness on this unfair treatment: “and I am sharp as steel with discontent;/ but I possess the courage and the grace/ to bear my anger proudly and unbent” (McKay, 2-4). The I the speaker is referring to really means we, the we is the African Americans. The speaker wants everyone to see that there is nothing wrong with the anger they are feeling, and even that they should bear their “anger proudly and unbent”. The speaker is not willing to hide their feelings; they want the White America to see the resistance they’re posing. The speaker knows that they have something to be proud of: “and passion rends my vitals as I pass/ where boldly shines your shuttered door of glass” (McKay, 7-8). This is a statement of Black is beautiful; the speaker wants the reader to see that being Black is something to be proud of. Although Black America can have pride in themselves, they still cannot get away from “the shutting of doors”. The door now is clear through, because it is glass. The word shuttered when…

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