The Tolkien ' The Hobbit ' Essay

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In the novel The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien the readers are introduced to the protagonist Bilbo Baggins who is a close-minded, and unadventurous creature “ Sorry I don’t want any adventures, thank you” (6).The protagonist, Bilbo is a hobbit which is a small sized race that is similar to humans. Hobbits have hairy feet and enjoy the comfort of their home and knowing they are safe. He lives in a hole in Bag End Underhill and likes food and drinking.In the beginning Bilbo is not daring and weak minded but undergoes through a journey that helps him progress into a courageous, daring essential leader. The journey of Bilbo’s change starts with Bilbo and the 13 dwarves who are distracted by a flashing light of fire. The dwarves are intrigued and curious so they send Bilbo to find out. Bilbo sees 3 giant trolls eating around a fire. Bilbo in an attempt tries to steal one of the trolls money bag but the trolls heard him and he got captured. Although the trolls have him captured they began to bicker on what to do with Bilbo. This disruption causes the dwarves to enter and they get captured as well. They are all tied up except Bilbo. The trolls decide they will cook the dwarves but a voice interrupts them which proceeds to them bickering again. Gandalf,a powerful wizard, shows up to release the dwarves with the help of Bilbo. It was Gandalf who interrupted the trolls throwing them off track on what they were going to do. Bilbo finds the trolls cave and steals weapons that might be…

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