The Time Period Between The Civil War And The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century

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The time period between the Civil War and the beginning of the twentieth century changed America from a still forming country to a world power. During this transition there are many changes that affect everyone living in the United States. One group particular is affected greatly : the immigrants. Some of the changes include growth, industrialization, and communication and travel. The question lies in whether these changes affected the immigrants in a negative or positive way. After the Civil War, America is eager to begin growing and expanding. America is seen as the growing country where immigrants could start a new bright future. The West offered land claims for those who want to work the land and the opportunity of striking it rich with gold and silver for the adventurous. The westward expansion made it easier for Asian immigrants to come to the United States because now they only had to cross the Pacific and arrive in California. Some immigrants end up like Thomas O’Donnell because of strikes and loss of jobs. Thomas and his family live off of 133 dollars a year (Thomas O’Donnell, Immigrant Thomas O’Donnell Laments the Worker’s Plight, 74-77). Thomas does not have enough money to go west; he has to forgo eating some days because he doesn’t have any money (O’Donnell). America is expanding with opportunities and dead ends. These new time period brought along new technologies that changed industry in ways that were never thought imaginable. Factories became larger and…

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