Essay about The Time Period Between 1815 And 1914

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The time period between 1815 and 1914 was a time of uncertainty among the Great Powers in Europe. The center of the insecurity among the countries in Europe was the steady and fearful decline of the Ottoman empire. Due to this factor, conflicts among the Great Powers was caused by the fear of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire due to the fact that the fall of the Ottomans would unleash chaos upon Europe that has not been seen since the Napoleonic wars, and the since the establishment of the Status Quo at the Congress of Vienna. Tensions and hostilities felt among the Great powers gradually increased over time due to these three events the acknowledgment of the eastern question, the Greeks war for independence, and the lastly the Great Eastern Crisis.
Following the end of the of the Napoleonic wars a system of guidelines that were created to keep a sense of peace to prevent another continental war like the Napoleonic war. These guidelines are known as the Status Quo also known as the congress system (or concept of Europe), which was establishing at the Congress of Vienna. The objective of the Congress system was to preserve the conservatism of the Great Powers government and prevent the spread of revolutionary uprisings. Another purpose of the congress system was to not only restore old boundaries but to adjust the great powers so that they would balance each other out so that one country is not stronger than the other thus, in theory keeping peace. During this time frame,…

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