Essay on The Threshold Of Society By Sandra Cisneros And Outlaw

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The Threshold of Society
Elections are coming up this November and it seems that all anyone can talk about is immigration policies and stances on refugees. People are comparing such refugees to Skittles. If there is a bowl of skittles and five of them are poisonous, would anyone grab a handful and risk eating them? Is it really possible to compare actual human beings to a candy and base an entire argument on the risk? In “Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros and “Outlaw” by Jose Antonio Vargas, both authors shed light on what it is like to be an immigrant, whether legal or undocumented, the reality of being an American immigrant means being in a liminal place as a person because of cultural differences.
In both of these stories, we find two characters whom are both immigrants coming to America. The main character of “Woman Hollering Creek” is Cleófilas. She seems to find herself in an almost arranged marriage to a man who lives in Texas. She is excited to start a new life in a new place and home. Cleófilas has a very warped perception of reality and of how she thought her life would be as an American citizen. She was never happy in Texas with her husband or with the town she lived in. The people in Texas did not speak her language and she became isolated once again from the outside world and reality. She lost some of her cultural heritage because she is away from her family and Mexico. However, she did not gain any culture by being in America because she did not have…

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