Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigrants In The United States

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When it comes to immigration, everyone has different opinions on it. The opinions might be based on how an individual was raised and other times it might be based on beliefs. Some people believe that the United States should not allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country, no matter what their situation is. Others believe that the government should not allow immigrants into the country, whether they are legal or illegal. Some believe that the government should allow immigrants into the country and should allow illegal immigrants to stay. The rest believe that immigration is fine as long as the immigrants do it legally, rather than breaking the laws to get to the United States.
In the comment section of a Buzzfeed article titled “16 Immigrants
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They try to stop people coming into the country illegally; they camp at the border and they approach people who they believe are “illegal”. The Minutemen see legal Americans civilians/citizens as the primary stakeholders because they are the ones affected by illegal immigration. They see illegal immigrants as invaders who disrupt the country and they believe the government do not do anything to stop illegal immigration. So, they believe it is the job of the American citizens to stop the illegal immigrants. Some of the Minutemen’s experience has influenced how they see illegal immigrants. In the article “The Minutemen and Anti-immigration Attitudes in California”, Frédérick Douzet states that some Minutemen are against “people who do not respect the law, refuse to assimilate and learn the language.” It seems as though the Minutemen have experience with illegal immigrants who they see as not “American” enough or who do not try to assimilate which affected how they view them. Others see the actions of the illegal immigrants as unfair. For example, Joseph Fong is a legal immigrant waited a long time to come to the United States and he is against people who break the law to come to the United States; he sees it as them “[jumping] in front of the line.” The people in the Minutemen are motivated by fear, anxieties, and disappointment. The Minutemen are afraid of who can come through the borders; they are worried that terrorists may try to come into the United States through the Mexican border. Others are just disappointed in the government because they are not doing everything they can to stop people coming into the country illegally. The Minutemen share an interdependent perspective. They saw that the government were not competent enough to deal with the immigration problems, so they decide to help them with the issue. They try to handle the immigration with the help of the border control agents. They

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