Should The United States Be Illegal Immigrant?

When it comes to immigration, everyone has different opinions on it. The opinions might be based on how an individual was raised and other times it might be based on beliefs. Some people believe that the United States should not allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country, no matter what their situation is. Others believe that the government should not allow immigrants into the country, whether they are legal or illegal. Some believe that the government should allow immigrants into the country and should allow illegal immigrants to stay. The rest believe that immigration is fine as long as the immigrants do it legally, rather than breaking the laws to get to the United States.
In the comment section of a Buzzfeed article titled “16 Immigrants
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Oscar Hagelsieb, the US border patrol agent, believes the primary stakeholders are the people trying to come to the United States but he believes that they should do so legally. That is the reason he became a border patrol agent, to help uphold the laws and to give the immigrants other options in getting into the US legally. Hagelsieb says, “I [am] able to explain to them, in their language, that there are legal ways of immigrating into the United States. I gave them a sense of hope” Hagelsieb values the law and he would like others to follow the laws. As he stated, he does not have an opinion about the immigration laws; he would just like to follow whichever laws there are. Growing up as a child of an illegal immigrant affects how he sees the people who try to cross the border. His father came to the United States to make a better life for their children. While he was working as a border patrol agent, he had to stop families like his family, who were trying to make a better life for their children. This made it harder for him because he felt like he was crushing their dreams. But he tried to give them other options that were legal to give them hope. Hagelsieb seems to have an interdependent view because he believes in working together to uphold the law. He believes he needs the lawmakers to help him enforce the laws. He also believes he can help others through his job because he is able to give them advice about the legal ways to get into the

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