The Three Methods Of Confucius And The Obesity Document

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Confucius the great philosopher once said, “by three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest”(Confucius). By his statement, Confucius is indicating that in order to become wiser, one must learn through experience, which may be painful or difficult, imitate those who have triumphed, or by improving by reflecting on past occurrences, which shows high morals. Reasoning is perhaps one of the most valuable abilities that humans possess but have unmet potential. I would have to say that Confucius’ third method of acquiring wisdom through experience would apply to the current obesity epidemic and the political factors involved. …show more content…
The United States is an undeniably great country for economic growth, but it too often favors corporations by easing regulations in order to allow them to produce profits rapidly. Such is the case with corporation Monsanto, which was allowed to use harmful chemicals such as Roundup, in production of their Genetically Modified Foods (Jones). In macroeconomic terms, the United States is enduring a principal agent problem, which occurs when an entity is able to make decisions on behalf of another entity or persons and cause an impact. A great example of the principal agent problem is the appointment of Michael R. Taylor as Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA (Harris). Mr. Taylor coincidentally happens to be the former vice president for Monsanto (Harris). It is overwhelming to grasp that in addition to already having faults in current FDA regulations that a former vice president and lobbyist for a GMO company is given a created bureaucratic position to assist in improving the food industry in the country. Actions like these is what keeps regulations on the food industry negligible. A major problem resulting from negligible regulations on the food industry is the sale of unhealthy food and drinks in school buildings. States such California, West Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Texas have been the first to institute restrictions on the sale of unhealthy foods in school buildings to avoid further increasing childhood obesity rates (Boslaugh). In addition to the lack of regulations and dubious bureaucratic appointments, the lack of scientific research is also contributing to the rising obesity rate. In the current political environment in the United States, there exists a slight disdain for science. We have a president elect that believes quote, “global warming is a hoax made up by the Chinese.” We have a political group

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