The Threat Of Toxicity By Using Microbes Essay

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Pollutants are becoming more prevalent in the field of horticulture due to the mass production of harmful chemicals, and other toxic material that somehow find their way into the ground. With this in mind botanists are ever increasing their knowledge of how to combat against the ever looming threat of toxicity by using microbes. Microbes are living bacteria that are found naturally on pretty much everything you have ever touched. So using microbes instead of harmful pesticides, and fertilizers might be the wave of the future we are looking for to reduce the amount of chemicals we use today, while increasing the efficiency we grow plants. Two scientist from the University of Delaware are working together to combat pollutants in a major species of rice. Jonathan Cottone a junior from currently studying in plant and soil sciences, and Harsh Bais associate professor of plant and soil sciences at UD. Rice plants in most of Southeast Asia have started to die off or are growing it devastatingly slow rates due to the toxins. The problem escalated to the point Bais stated “What 's happening in Southeast Asia from high levels of arsenic in water and soil has been called the largest mass poisoning in history” (UD). The rice plants are “subjected to multiple threats -- including increasing concentrations of poisonous arsenic in water and soil, an urgent concern in Southeast Asia, plus a fungal disease called rice blast” (UD). The way these two scientist have created to combat this…

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