The Threat Of The Killer Whales Essay

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Because of the danger to the trainers and mistreatment and emotional instability of the killer whales, Sea World needs to be shut down and the orcas need to be placed in an animal sanctuary in order to save them from being placed in the wild where they will be unable to survive.
An Orca is a black and white colored species of the Delphinidae family, Genius Orcinus and weighs approximately six tons (Bradford). They have a long dorsal fin on their back, very sharp 4 inch teeth, and live in many different climates (Bradford). In the wild, less than one percent of orcas experience dorsal collapse or a “floppy” dorsal fin (“Blackfish”). Orcas live in close-knit family groups where mothers and other members of the family help care for the offspring (“National Marine”). One distinguishing characteristic that orcas possess is the ability to communicate in their “family” or “pod” with different sounds which is closely related to communicating with different languages (“National Marine”). This way of communication using sound waves that travel through the water is called, “echolocation” (Bradford). Orcas have a popular nickname, “killer whale,” and in the wild, they prey on other large marine animals like sea lions (Bradford). Orcas are the “top predator” in the water and “maintain complex social relationships, and hunt cooperatively” (“National Marine”). Though they are massive in size, have about 50 sharp teeth, and are at the top of the food chain for marine animals, there are no…

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