The Threat Of Nuclear War Essay

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Today is a day like no other that we live in. There are constant threats to our country, our way of life and to our allies. When faced with the threats today, most people automatically think of Al Qaeda and or ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Islamic State of Iraq and Levant). This is who we are fighting on the bigger scale today. There are other threats as well and they are Lone Wolf Terrorist acting in the name of Islam here in our country, concerned attacks that could happen to our nations critical infrastructure and also cyber-attacks. When discussing cyber, other threats come to mind, and they are Russia and China. Then there is the threat of nuclear war, not so much with the Russians anymore, like the Cold War, but with North Korea and Iran. To protect our country and our allies from these threats, we have Homeland Security and Homeland Defense. Some people may think that these two are the same. With some shared roles and responsibilities, they are uniquely different. Think of homeland security as that, secure. They would be like a body guard to a high profile person, in tight and protecting. Homeland defense would be in the defense of, taking the fight to the enemy. Think of as, in this case, the police force. The body guard is protecting the asset, and the police are on the offensive actively looking for the person behind the action that just took place.
Homeland Security
The President of the United States defines Homeland Security as,…

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