The Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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A Thousand Splendid Suns is written by Khaled Hosseini, and it takes place in Afghanistan during the 1900s. The story tells many themes, but the essential theme is about women 's roles in the past decades. The novel identifies Afghanistan women’s lives of suffering disastrous events such as war, protecting family members, and injustice. Mariam was born as an illegitimate child in Herat, and lived with her mother Nana alone for fifteen years. She grew up hearing different stories from both her parents, and she had always believed her father’s story, which were lies told to hide his guilt. When Nana died, Mariam was forced to marry a shoe keeper, in Kabul, by her father’s wives. Laila, who is much younger than Mariam and grew up as Mariam’s neighbor, had a happy life until she suffered family loss due to war. Her brothers were killed in the army and her parents were killed by the bombs that were dropped upon the city. Mariam and Laila, who differs in age and family background, became friends to protect each other and fight for survival due to the war and tortures of their husband, Rasheed. Together, they go through obstacles and pain everyday, witnessing life and death of the war, and seeks for happiness and a peaceful life.
The significance of education for everyone is essential. However, women are expected to stay home and do chores for their future without being involved in the society, as school was not necessary for women. When the Taliban conquered the city, education…

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