The Thousand And One Nights Analysis

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A trickster may be someone whom: “cheats or deceives people” (Definition of Trickster). Maybe, in another view, a trickster would be described as: “someone who uses dishonest methods to get what they want” (Trickster American English). According to the “Course Glossary,” Lewis Hyde suggests, “tricksters are ‘boundary-crossers’ who do not accept physical, social, or temporal constraints as real, and who seem deliberately to blur culturally fixed lines of distinction.” A perfect example of a typical trickster, in Hyde’s eyes, is Shahrazad, from “The Thousand and One Nights.” In this story, Shahrazad risked her life because she did not like the way one man was acting. If it were not for Shahrazad, this story would not come together or have the significance it does to the text as a whole. …show more content…
Later, he also catches his brother, King Shahrayar’s, wife having an affair. Both of the men are devastated and for obvious reasons. They were astonished at the fact that women could do such horrible things. After realizing what women really were like, King Shahrayar came up with a malicious plan. As stated in the text, “He then swore to marry for one night only and kill the woman the next morning, in order to save himself from the wickedness and cunning of women” (413). This plan is exactly what encouraged the Trickster’s actions.
The “trickster,” Shahrazad, soon comes in to play. Because so many women have been dying due to Shahrayar’s cunning plan, Shahrazad comes up with one of her own. She says to her father, the King’s vizier, “I would like you to marry me to King Shahrayar, so that I may either succeed in saving the people or perish and die like the rest” (414). Shahrazad convinced her father to do this and she marries the king not long

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