Night By Elie Wiesel Analysis

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When someone is tortured and traumatized for long periods of time, their minds and bodies are scarred forever. The Holocaust ruined the lives of millions of Jewish people, including the life of a young man named Elie Wiesel. Wiesel was only a young teenager when the Nazis invaded their town and took him, his family, and his friends to Auschwitz. He witnessed many horrible events that no one should ever have to see. Many years after his liberation, he wrote Night, a book about his experience in the camps. Elie Wiesel and other Jews went through many emotional changes during their lives in the concentration camps during the Holocaust.
When the Nazis started the movement of the Jewish population to the ghettos and the deportation of the foreign Jews, many denied that bad things were happening. They couldn 't fathom that people were being murdered just for their religion. Frankl described, “the symptom that characterizes the first phase is shock. Under certain conditions shock may even precede the prisoner’s formal admission to the camp. (22). When Moshe came back to the town after months, having escaped the Nazis, he tried to warn the others that bad things were to come. Elie describes the public’s denial: “People not only refused to believe his tales, they
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Elie Wiesel was made into a completely different person undergoing the events of the Holocaust, and went through many stages of shock, apathy and finally depersonalization. Millions people went through the same horrible experience Wiesel, most not surviving to tell their stories. Now, as the last surviving victims are dying of old age, people are realizing that soon the only true memories of the Holocaust are going to be in books written by the survivors. Elie Wiesel used Night to tell the world what happened to him, so the human race will never forget the horrors that occurred during the years 1933 to

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