The Things They Carried Free Response Essay Prompt

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Diana Bonilla
AP English Lit
Mrs. Nellon
12 September 2015
The Things They Carried Free Response Essay Prompt 3 Throughout the story, The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien speaks and leads us through his experience and participation in the Vietnam War. He speaks about the time he is drafted until the time that he revisits Vietnam, although the story is not told in that order. In the chapter, “On the Rainy River,” Tim O’Brien walks us through his emotional reaction to being drafted for the Vietnam War. His motivations for wanting to escape the war and his motivations for eventually joining the war all lead back to a theme of guilt, embarrassment and shame. The chapter, “On the Rainy River,” displays guilt and shame when dealing with a war. Tim O’Brien was conflicted because he was drafted to fight in a war that he did not believe in; he believed that he was “too good for this war. Too smart, too compassionate, too everything (Pg. 39).” He did not believe in this war due to the fact that he had no idea what the reason for this war was. He was not aware of anything concerning this war in Vietnam. He states that he was, “twenty-one years old,” and he adds, “Young, yes, and politically naïve, but even so the American war in Vietnam seemed to me wrong (Pg. 38).” He felt guilty just considering on going because it went against his personal beliefs. This chapter goes back to the time when he had to make a decision. His motivation for wanting to escape the war is the fact that he…

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