Essay on The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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Friendships can last a lifetime. Some bonds are made spontaneously and end up being the most valuable relationships of all. Either way, great friends are always there when they are needed most. During times of stress or when nothing seems to be going right friends are always there to lend a helping hand. Friendships are most important during times of peril.
Some relationships begin during unfortunate events, but create a bond that lasts forever. In Tim O 'Brien 's The Things They Carried he uses telegraphic sentences to show an unspoken bond between Jimmy Cross and himself. Years after the war Jimmy Cross and Tim O 'Brien meet up and O 'Brien says that he wants to write a book about what happened in the war and Cross supports this idea, except he wants O 'Brien to leave out a part:" 'Make me out to be a good guy, okay? Brave and handsome, all that stuff. Best platoon leader ever. ' He hesitated for a second. 'And do me a favor. Don 't mention anything about- ' 'No, ' I said, 'I won 't '" (O 'Brien, 51). The telegraphic sentences show they do not even need to have long conversations to understand how the other one is feeling.O 'Brien and Cross 's friendship has grown out of the war. If they had not gone into battle together they may have never met, but because of the war they created an unbreakable bond. This comes from the time they spent together during the war. They got to know each other so well that a certain facial expression or how the other begins a sentence is…

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