The Thing They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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The Love Story in “The Thing They Carried” Tim O’Brien’s “The Thing They Carried” is about the war and the things they carried during the war. Moreover, the memories they made and the experiences they shared while they were doing their mission are also included in this war story. Although it is emphasized about the war and the soldiers in this book, O’Brien also shows the different kind of love in this story. After all, he calls this story was the love story because the love between friends and families are beautifully illustrated and the sympathy about each other, the sorrow for the enemies and respecting others’ feeling are also described in “The Thing They Carried”.
Tim O’Brien writes the love story instead of the war story because the very first chapter is about the love and the things Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried when they were carrying their mission for the country. In this book, O’Brien starts his book with the love story with Jimmy Cross’s love for Martha. He describes how Cross missed Martha who was not his girlfriend and he didn’t know whether she loved him or not. The first sentence in the first chapter is “First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried letters from a girl named Martha” (1). Then, he continues “They were not love letters, but Lieutenant Cross was hoping” (1). The book which was about the war is begun with the love of Jimmy Cross. Moreover, O’Brien describes that the letters weighted 4 ounces (2). Therefore, Cross’s love for Martha was really greatest for…

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