The Theory That Changed The Field Of Early Education Essay

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Have you ever wondered how babies develop verbal skills? Or maybe why a problem child continues to do the same thing over and over? Or maybe why some children will only act out before a test? Well, B.F Skinner developed a theory that was able to answer these questions and many more. He challenged many of the norms of the educational systems of his day and was able to take the field of education and its theories and put them into a measurable and observable science. He is probably one of the most well know figures in psychology and many of his theories and ideas are present in classrooms, especially when it comes to the concept of classroom management. The work of Burrhus Frederic (B.F) Skinner greatly influenced the field of early education. This paper will discuss these theories, provide a brief summary of his life and work, and express the impact that B.F Skinner’s works have in the educational systems of today.
Burrhus Frederick Skinner was born March, 20, 1904 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. He was the older of the two sons born to Will and Grace Skinner. Many would say that Skinner’s family life was warm and stable. (B.F. Skinner Foundation, 2016) Skinner originally wanted to be a writer and gave much credit for that to his beloved teacher Mary Graves. Her influence on his life led him to write and dedicate The Technology of Teaching. When Skinner turned eighteen years old, he enrolled in Hamilton College to further his studies in English literature. After many failed…

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