The Theory Of White Collar Crime Essay

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Applying theories
White collar crime is a non-violent crime that is financially committed. White collar crime is committed by employees in a business or the business itself. Most people who commit white collar crime usually have a lot of power because they have a lot of money. I picked white collar crime as a crime to apply theories to because it’s very common between people who have a lot of money and those people tend to always get away with it because of their social class. This crime is important because we buy products by the companies that commit white collar crime, but we never about the crime the companies commit because of their wealth. In this essay I will be applying different theories and I will reveal the theories connect to white collar crimes.
The conflict theory that best fits into white collar crime is the conservative conflict perspectives theory. Conservative conflict perspectives theory means “conflict arises between various groups seeking to established or maintain control over one another; the law is an essential tool used to reflect the interests of those powerful groups: differences in power are reflected in who defines behavior as criminal” (Schram & Tibbetts, 282).
The conservative conflict perspectives theory) can be applied when discussing white collar crime because the more money you have the more non-violent crimes you can commit, since your social status is high. For example a car manufacture decides to put a gas tank in the front of a car…

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