Essay The Theory Of The Uk Teacher Education

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Another concerning point in the UK teacher education in the light of the neoliberal framework relates to the insufficient time of theoretical studying. While McCulloch acknowledges that the gaining momentum neoliberal framework made education forgot its past, and turned it into “progressive education” (as cited in Apple, 2001, p. 183), Beach and Bagley (2013) claim the opposite, by stating that neoliberal framework only turns back the teacher education to the medieval past. As they point out, the neoliberal framework gradually substitutes the “research-based teaching” with a “competence-oriented knowledge” (Sjöberg, as cited in Beach & Bagley, 2013, p. 383) both in UK and Sweden, making the teacher education “detheorized” (p. 383) and more practice-oriented profession (Beach & Bagley, 2012; 2013). In particular, throughout the study, Beach and Bagley constantly refer to Bernstein’s theory (1999) of vertical and horizontal discourses, and use it to analyze the teacher education approaches in Sweden and the UK. In a sum, horizontal discourse is mainly connected to “tacit” (Bernstein, 1999, p. 165) knowledge, and takes place on-site, when the teacher is exposed to the particular context, willing to accomplish “specific and immediate goals” (Bernstein, 1999, p. 161) empirically. The vertical discourse, on the contrary, is more systematically structured and explicit, when the context should be adjusted to the theory (Bernstein, 1999, p. 159).
To illustrate the horizontal…

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