The Theory Of The Military Essay

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Introduction Those who serve in our military are special individuals who can lead people into accomplishing the mission using McGregor’s Y Theory approach or his X Theory when it is time go into combat. These elite members have key characteristics instilled in them early in their careers that the private sector does not require. Being in the military means giving up some of your freedoms for the better good of others. Those who go through basic military training are torn down and then rebuilt and molded to represent the branch of service for which they represent. Regardless of service affiliation this occurs to make all recruits equal and build them up using a team approach. Just as with football, no one player can win the game, neither can one Airman, Soldier, Sailor, or Marine win our nation’s war alone. After 20 years of service, a military member can reflect on how they reached self-actualization through the different levels of motivational experiences that drove them to achieving yet another great accomplishment of reaching retirement.
Work Center Motivation Leaders within the military use creative thinking to motivate their people. There are bonuses for doing good or receiving pet insurance as a way to motivate. Looking at the benefits is motivation enough to encourage people to commit to the organization. Moreover, what other organization provides free health care to their people? Provides housing allowance and food allowance, 30 days paid vacation every…

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