The Theory Of The Innocence Movement Essay examples

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(1) Explain the process of policy change and policy reform as it pertains to wrongful convictions in the context of innocence movement.
An individual can think of human development as changing and growing actively throughout a course of time. Policies develop over time based on societies wants and needs. Sometimes policies are desired to be stricter and other times they are required to be more lenient. The innocence movement helped to change policies and this brought insight which helped those who were wrongfully convicted. The development of the innocence movement brought insight on policy change and reform because of the popularity of DNA testing. The expansion happened because of the post-DNA rise, which led to research and academic studies becoming established; this helped to explain why individuals were wrongly convicted even though they were innocent. An individual can understand the reason behind how the innocence movement changed policy reform by grasping the idea of innocence consciousness.
Innocence Consciousness is the idea that innocent people are convicted in large numbers as a result of the justice system problems to exonerate them and to advance structural reform to reduce such errors (Zalman, Lec 2, Slide 2). This means that the judicial system has flaws because it allows innocent individuals convicted of crimes that they have not committed and to remedy the issue there needs to be massive amounts of structural reform to reduce these errors and the…

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