The Theory Of Spiritual Journey Essay

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Spiritual Journey

For my paper, I will be covering and exploring scientific theories that are then applied to my personal life experiences to form a sort of hybrid story/academic research paper, which I feel suits perfectly my strong character traits of constant hesitation. I will bring to mention my personal philosophies, past/present dependency problems, acute depression, and individual spiritual experiences which were able to defy my understanding of science, and thus exist without empirical explanation.
When I think of one’s reality, I try to see things from every angle, yet admittedly do not, but I am confident many others are trapped in this single-viewed paradox. I am not fond of the terms human nature and the potential assumptions that follow, as I am certain that absolute behaviors are socially learned outcomes, and the only true instinctual actions are survival-need based. Which can bring us to my understanding of the (potential) negative consequences that are to occur from the current structure of our economic system. To quote Emile Durkheim, “The more one has, the more one wants, since satisfactions received only stimulate instead of filling needs”, which alludes to external control or societal control being the only measure to keep the human animal from crumbling into structural abyss. In this sort of ultra-consumerism, post modernized/colonial era, the function of capitalism seems to impose individualism as an agent of truth, which I feel slows down the…

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