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After While Krokodil Krokodil is an opioid derivative of codeine. The drug was made to mirror the effects of a pharmaceutical drug, no longer in use, called desomorphine. Krokodile is a homemade version, that is much cheaper then heroin, and has horrible side effects due to the dangerous solvents used when cooking the drug. Krokodil is highly addictive, and is injected into the body. The sites of the injection will develop scale-like skin, and have infected ulcerations. There are very few reports of Krokodil in the United States, but is used widely in Russia, and other surrounding countries.
What is Krokodil Krokodil is a synthetic drug that deliver’s the same effect of heroin, and morphine. The medical name is desomorphine, and the homemade
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(Anderson, 2014)
People Most Likely to Use Krokodil People who use heroin, and are drawn to the effects the heroin has on the body. People who are addicts already and those who cannot financially afford the high cost of heroin, are prone to make or use the drug krokodil. The people in countries that sell codeine over the counter have a greater risk of turning to the drug krokodil. In other counties. The United States does not sell codeine over the counter, and had listed codeine a schedule II drug, and the only way to obtain it legally is to get a prescription. (Control, 2016) The age of most users of the krokodil drug is between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age.
Why Do People Use Krokodil The cost and availability of heroin is the only reason addicts turn to krokodil over the preference of heroin. The cost of a gram of heroin varies from country to country. In the United
States a gram sells for $110.00, in Japan a gram of heroin sells for $683.00. Germany has one of the lowest prices per gram at $48.00. These countries represent the highest to the lowest, heroin cost. (Havocscope , 2016) The average cost of krokodil is $3.40, this varies on
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Recovery and Therapy The detox process is very painful, and some rehabilitation centers use strong tranquilizers to sedate the patient until the pain subsides. A residential treatment center is highly recommended, the patients’ needs treatment for medical issues caused by the use of krokodil and the patient also needs psychological therapy. Krokodil is the most dangerous drug and the road to recovery is very long and bumpy. The physical scars or loss of limbs are permeant, but the psychological therapy can help resolve issues or teach the patient how to cope with issue that pushes the patient towards drug use. Therapy can aid in building self confidence and self-esteem. The length of the treatment process varies from person to person, but is always longer when the drug used is krokodil. The drug stays in the body for a long period of time, (about a month). The rehabilitation process cannot truly begin till the drug is completely out of the patient’s system, and the detox process is over. (Alves, 2015) There are many types of therapies used today to treat addictions. Cognitive behavior therapy and person- centered therapy are very common, small goals are set, coping skills are taught and

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