Essay about The Theory Of Social Theory

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Social Process theories just so happen to be my favorite type of theories throughout this entire course. It projects symbolic interactionism. Symbolic interactionism is the social behavior that occurs, which emphasizes the important role that language partakes in a community and children being social-able. Theories involved in social process theories are Ronald Aker’s social learning theory, social control theory, and the labeling theory. Critical theories are about how class and power generates conflict within a society. Marxist, conflict and feminism are a huge part of these critical theories. Marxist philosophy goes in detail about class struggle. Conflict is characterized by three main points; cultural ideas, economic conflict, and the end of the conflict. Feminist criminology covers women’s oppression. There 's a gender ratio problem that is present under feminist criminology and it asks “What explains the universal fact that women are far less likely to involve themselves in criminal activity?” (p. 231). There is also a second problem, generalizability problem. Generalizability problem refers to this question of whether or not theories of crimes that are typically committed by males are applied to women. Social Process theory sprouts out into 3 main roots. One, criminal behavior is learned. Two, social control theory critiques and tried to find out that society has failed to do in order to control criminal behavior and tendencies. Lastly, the labeling theory…

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