Essay about The Theory Of Natural Law And The Divine Command Theory

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A large demographic study by Pew Research Centre in 2010 found that 55% of the world 's population identified with one of the three Abrahamic religions, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, or Islam (Pew Research Center, 2012). The significance of these religions is due to the fact that they are the most popular monotheistic religions - religions who worship one god as the supreme creator or prime-mover. Among these 3.8 billion people there will of course be degrees of conviction with some believing that God is all that really matters, while others will lean more towards secular humanist views. Those that hold God above all else generally believe that God is their only guide to morality. In this essay I will discuss the main moral theories that deal with God 's influence on what is right and what is wrong. These theories are the Theory of Natural Law, and the Divine Command Theory. Since both of these theories start with the premise that God exists, I will immediately state that this essay in no way shall attempt to disprove God as a means of breaking these two theories. While apparent contradictions about the nature of God may arise secondarily from discussing this topic, they are not intended to necessarily disprove God.

Starting with the dominant theory of ethics within Christian thought, the Natural Law Theory asserts three things. First, that the world has an intrinsic natural order, with purpose and value built into its very nature (Murphy, 2011). Under this model of the world…

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