Essay on The Theory Of Mental Slavery

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The world in which we live is made up of a variety of people. People of different, religions, economic statuses, ethnic groups and within the last characteristic we live in a society of people with different colored skin. Each person no matter what or who they are in life, to a varying degree all has the same or different skin color. However does skin color make a person more or less important; and does skin color make a person subject to what has been called mental slavery? This theory of mental slavery has seemingly taken a hold among members in the African American society and has caused a division thus dividing them in to two groups. The groups that exist are either light skinned or dark skinned. Therefore the question exists as to what divisions exist in African American society based on skin color, and how does mental slavery help create and sustain those divisions? Many authors/researchers have tried to explain the theory of mental slavery and how it exist among members of the African American community and to varying degrees each have posed it to be many aspects that cause African Americans to believe that this segregation amongst themselves exist based on skin color. Mental Slavery according to Alik Shahadah is defined as “Mental slavery is a state of mind where discerning between liberation and enslavement is twisted; where one becomes trapped by misinformation about self and the world. So someone can claim to be conscious, they can read all the books they…

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