The Theory Of Identity Development Essay

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Rothman 's Chapter 5 covered Theories of Identity Development, which was very interesting, in my own opinion. It gave me different perspectives on how it is possible for someone to develop their own identity, and that it is not the same for everyone. The two theories I have chose to explore the suggested readings to understand my own identity development is; “Transitional Crisis States” (Identity loss, family, and social change), and “Disabled Person Identity Development” (The importance of social imagery in interpreting societally devalued people to the public). I found myself learning a few things from each suggested readings, in regards to my own identity development. The section on “Transitional Crisis States” caught my attention immediately. In my life thus far I have encountered my fair share of transitions, especial those, which embody the identity crisis. They have created tons of anxiety, and strain, even when I believed I was willing to make changes. A few examples that identity crisis occurred during include: when I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, divorcing my first husband, and the diagnosis of my social anxiety. I had a general self awareness of how these transitions in my life were creating identity crisis, and how I was not the same person after, but not to the extent I do now. The suggested reading I decided to read was Identity loss, family, and social change, by Weiger, and Hastings. I feel that this theory enhanced my understanding of my…

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