Essay on The Theory Of Dr. Allport

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The theorist profiled is named Dr. C. Gordon Allport. Dr. Allport was a Social Psychologist that received his Ph. D in Psychology in 1922 from Harvard similarly to one of his brothers. He was born in 1897 and was the youngest of four brothers. He also was a shy boy and endured many teasing’s by his peers therefore, he led a fairly isolated childhood. Dr. Allports father was a country doctor, so his father’s influence from a medical perspective began for Dr. Allport from a very young age.
Dr. Allport proposed “Recognizing that universal laws alone could never tell the whole story”("Gordon Allport," 2016). “His career was spend developing his theory, examining such social issues as prejudice, and developing personality tests” (Boeree, 2006).
The survey that I completed on the web site fell under the section of student research, sub-section social perception. The survey that I chose to complete was called Attitudes and Perceptions (University of Sunderland, United Kingdom). Without getting into in-depth detail the survey predominantly encompassed perceptions with breast feeding, social behavior and gender equality. Initially I was asked to give my view point on short stories and how disgusted I felt with the situation that was presented after reading them. All of the short stories involved varying degrees of unfairness or intended crimes. The second section showed pictures of individuals doing daily activities including playing guitars, sitting at a desk…

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