The Theory Of Creationism And Creationism Essay

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Creationism is the belief that both the Universe and earth were created through acts of divine creation. Creationism is believed by many religions, especially Christianity. Creationism has become famous due to the large debate concerning the science and religious aspects of the theory. The main portion of the debate is should the theory be taught in public high school biology classrooms. The theory of creationism should be taught in schools because, there is not a way to prove living creatures came from non-living substances, the body’s biological systems are too complex to have evolved, and evolution is also a theory.
Since the early 1900s, there has been debate over what should be taught in public schools, creationism or evolution (Munro 1). In the beginning, creationism was taught, but evolution was illegal; now evolution is being taught, but creationism is illegal (Lynn 13). There have been court cases and disagreements on the subject since Charles Darwin published his book "On the Origin of Species" in 1859. When the people of America learned about Darwinism (the belief of natural selection and evolution) they began defending the common belief, creationism. The first trial over the teachings of creation and evolution occurred in 1925, because John T. Scopes was teaching evolution which, at that time, was against the law in the state of Tennessee (Lynn 2). This trial has been referred to in almost every trial involving evolution and creationism since 1925 (Giberson 6).…

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