The Theory Deal With Motivational Issues Essay

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6) In what way(s) does your theory deal with motivational issues?
Motivation is not a main point in this theory but it is believed that future goals are the motivator for our current behavior. The original person to bring this up was Adler he called it a teleological position. This is seen as a motivator in so many areas in the lives of people. If a 20 year old wants to become a professor at the age of thirty this will motivate so many choices that they may not have choose without that goal. The person will enroll in college to become a higher education teacher. While moving through their bachelor they may start tutoring to practice teaching people. They will enroll in masters, and find what they like and dislike in their professors or hold conversations asking the professors what works for them and what doesn’t work. By the time they turn thirty they will be a professor and this goal directed them through many choices and situation they may not have put themselves through if they weren’t motivated by their goal.
7) How does your theory indicate that we perform actual behaviors?
8) Does your theory emphasize nature, nurture, or an interaction between them?
This theory is heavily based on the nature versus nurture. In this theory there is an understanding that your DNA takes into a large factor of the predisposition of who a person is to be. (Theorist) Stemming from both parents the child will be somewhere in the middle of them genetically. The child will be half their mom…

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