The Theoretical Foundations Change Within The School Education System

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Theoretical Foundations Change Change is important in the global market because businesses are rapidly changing every day. Change takes hard work and dedication in an organization. Leaders are significant in managing and facilitating change within an organization. There needs to be a concrete plan in action when starting a change initiative in place. There are many strategies and models that leaders can use for change within a business. Kotter’s eight step process for change is organizational framework leaders can use for successful change within an organization. Kotter’s (1996) revealed the eight step process of transforming an organization with a sense of urgency, and get results quickly. According to Bangasser (2014), change initiative in an organization should get everyone on the same page with the vision, changing the environment, inspiring knowledge, and collaboration among employees. This study will discuss elements of the eight step process for change that influence change within the school education system, and how to formulate strategies, and how to analyze data for successful change.
Elements that Influence Change Change is vital for any organization and there needs to be elements in place to influence change. According to Thompson (2015), create a sense of earnestness around the organization because this with help trigger inspiration with employees. This is important in the school system because leaders are pressures to get…

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