The Theme Of Tragedy In The Crucible

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Tragedy is a literary work in which the main character is destroyed by forces he cannot control (external factors) and by his own tragic flaw (internal cause). The play of the Crucible demonstrates the theme of tragedy through John Proctors experience in the witch trials. He endures many tragic events which lead up to his inevitable death, which results in John’s nature of character being tested and challenged by his personal ethics. John’s inevitable death is also a result of the townspeople, the court, and Abigail.
The play is set in Salem Massachusetts and begins with Reverend Parris’s daughter Betty laying sick in her bed. Parris worries his daughter had been trying to conjure the devil the previous night, because he saw her dancing
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If he never got involved with Abigail it is likely he and Elizabeth would be a content married couple. By having an affair with Abby, he opens the gates for her to get emotionally involved and attached to him. Therefore, if John hadn’t have gotten involved with her she wouldn’t have gone to these extreme lengths of trying to get rid of Elizabeth and have him all to herself. Next, John has the choice to live if he condemns Martha and Rebecca. Due to John’s ethics and opportunity to be a better man than he has been he choses to die. He could not condemn the lives of those he knew were innocent by signing his name. John is a respected figure in the town and if he were to sign his name everyone would begin to believe in the madness of the witch trials. He understood that he could not patronize his self and that he had to die if he ever wanted justice. Although John is partially responsible for the tragedy of the play, Abby, the town, and the court are also factors. Despite the fact John wants Abby out of his life she continues to meddle and get involved. John has made it clear he doesn’t want to be with her, but she remains to do everything in her control to get him. As a result, Abby begins the witch trails which ultimately effects the outcome of the tragedy. Following that, the town also contributes to the tragedy of the play. They remain silent when they see the injustices occurring in their town. Instead of being brave and logical the people act out of fear and mass hysteria rather than logic. If the town intervened against the court they could’ve saved John, Martha, Rebecca and the others who hung. Due to the public’s lack of response against the unresponsive court they contribute to the ending tragedy of the

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